Sunday, February 12, 2017

Latest Development Update

While we've been side-tracked with other major efforts, such as the launch of our new Game Developer co-working space and business accelerator in Sacramento, Square One Clubs, we have actually been working on some new things for Project Settlement to show off this spring with all of the upcoming events.

Angel has created our first alien creature, which we will use to implement our combat system. It's a lobster/ant kind of hybrid arthropod creature that will scurry around the screen. We'll likely implement a non aggressive smaller variant of this creature to provide drops for meat and carapace items, as well as a larger aggressive variant to institute the combat/survival aspect of our game.

Angel is also revamping the model for the main character, Heinrich (Henry) Ziegler with some new materials and shaders.

I am working on building the code to bring all of angel's work to life in the game, including the combat system and creature AI. I'm also cleaning up some bugs we still have in the inventory/crafting system to get it to a much more stable and playable state. If I can manage to get that all done, I want to take our first stab at the building placement, starting with the habitation node, the player's first home where they will have access to a safe environment (breathable atmosphere) and basic crafting appliances (kitchenette, science kit, med kit, etc.)

If you'd like to see the latest build of the game, we have 2 major shows booked. The first will be Feb 23rd at Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco for Playcrafting's SFO Winter Expo, and the second will be the Sac Indie Arcade April 8th at the West Sacramento Convention Center.

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