Friday, April 22, 2016

Developer Update

First, I just want to say thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Sacramento Indie Arcade. We got some great feedback from everyone and we plan to keep up with the momentum we generated for this event and really start to develop Project Settlement's gameplay and storyline.

With that said, we have realized one of our biggest problems is that we are only two people, and we both have a normal life with day jobs. So, we've been talking very seriously about a few important steps we need to take. One of which is office space, having an official place to go and work on our game together. This is something we've talked about for about a year now, but weren't quite ready for. Lately, though, there has been a lot of unity amongst the Sacramento indie developers and we've all been collaborating and talking about working together. Some of us our working on the possibility of creating a co-working space that can benefit multiple Sacramento area teams. The other is task management and goal setting. To that end, we're getting organized and instituting a little task management with milestones and critical path.

We've also got a little announcement to make. Yesterday while Angel and I were sitting down at our regular meeting, We happen to get a great bit of good news. We've been invited to demonstrate Project Settlement (being a Sci-Fi themed game) at the upcoming West Sacramento Intergalactic Expo on May 22nd. So, if you didn't get a chance to stop by and see us at the Sacramento Indie Arcade, you'll get another chance in about a month. Information and tickets for the West Sacramento Intergalactic Expo can be found here:

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